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“Famosa En El Barrio” – new Cecilia Noël’s single is out now!

“I wanted to pay homage to our Barrio, to our beautiful neighbors. We are surrounded by beauty and love. From Topanga Days to Café Mimosa and The Canyon Bistro, Topanga has always opened its arms to my music and creativity. This is my Home!” – Cecilia

Cecilia Noël is passionate, flamboyant, and incredibly talented. Since being discovered in Peru by Stan Getz while only in her teens, Noël has become a favorite of Latin music aficionados in the know. Her signature blend of salsa, soul, jazz, funk, and Afro-Cuban music, which she calls “salsoul,” together with her charismatic stage presence, sweet and sassy vocals and high energy live performances, have earned her critical acclaim and a steadfast following.